Start Position
Call meeting to order   2.
Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance   3.
Consider approval of minutes of previous meetings and adopt agenda   4.
Present Distinguished Service Award to the Taylor County Historical Commission   5.
Consider approval of budget adjustments and transfers, if any   6.
Consider approval of bills for payment and ratify payroll and payroll expenses   7.
Receive CareHere’s Annual Report and any appropriate action   8.
Receive Presentation from Architexas on Master Plan for the Historical 1915 Courthouse and any appropriate action   9.
Consider approval of Engagement Letter with FTN Financial Capital Markets as bidding agent for Tax Note, Series 2019 for Election Equipment and any appropriate action   10.
Consider approval of Right of Way Use Agreement with Potosi Water Supply Corporation on CR 120 in Precinct 4 and any appropriate action   11.
Consider approval of Right of Way Use Agreement with One OK-West Texas Pipeline to cross County roads located in Precinct 2 and any appropriate action   12.        Consider approval of renewal of ITB 2015-102 IHC Pharmaceuticals and any appropriate action   13.        Consider approval of renewal of ITB 2018-102 Jail Pharmaceuticals and any appropriate action   14.
Consider Specifications and Advertising for RFP 2019-500 Emergency Medical Services and any appropriate action   15.
Declare Surplus and any appropriate action   16.
Consider drought conditions on outdoor burning and possible burn ban and any appropriate action   17.
In accordance with Government Code Section 551.071, regarding consultation with an attorney on pending litigation and a settlement demand, CONVENE IN EXECUTIVE SESSION   18.
RECONVENE IN REGULAR SESSION and any appropriate action     19.
Adjourn NOTE:                   Enumerated agenda items are assigned numbers for ease of reference only, and will not necessarily be considered by the Commissioners’ Court in that particular order.     DOWNING A. BOLLS, JR., TAYLOR COUNTY JUDGE This is to certify that the above Notice of Meeting was posted on the Taylor County website and on the bulletin at the Taylor County Courthouse, Abilene, TX on the 5th day of July 2019, at 3:30 p.m., within such time as required by law.                                                   LARRY G. BEVILL, TAYLOR COUNTY CLERK
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