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8:30–9:30a.m.           Budget Overview, Commentsfrom Commissioners’Court&PersonnelCommitteeRecommendations-Judge Bolls/Cathy Taff
9:30–9:40a.m.           326thDistrictCourt-Judge Rotenberry
9:40-10:00a.m.          Human Resource & Risk Management-Cathy Taff
9:50–10:00a.m.         Constable,Pct. 1-Dwight Kinney   10:10–10:20a.m.               Constable, Pct. 2-JP Tuck
10:20–10:30a.m.      Constable Pct. 3-DeWayne Bush   10:30–10:40a.m.               Break
10:40–10:50a.m.      Justiceof thePeace, Pct. 2-Bob Jones 10:50–11:00a.m.               Justiceof thePeace,Pct.3-Bob Shea
11:00–11:10a.m.      Justiceof thePeace,Pct.4-Frank Cleveland
11:10–11:20a.m.      Justiceof thePeace,Pct.1, 2-Sparky Dean
11:20–11:40a.m.      Justiceof thePeace1,1- Mike McAuliffeMONDAYP.M.,JULY16,2018
1:15–1:35p.m.           Juvenile-Allison Stafford
1:45– 1:55p.m.           Environmental –Justin Williams
1:35–1:45p.m.           Veteran Service Office-Marcus Romero
1:55– 2:05 p.m.           Purchasing-Scott Henderson   2:05–2:15p.m.                    Break
2:15–2:35p.m.           Maintenance-Bobby Williams
2:35–2:55p.m.           Taylor County History Center-Board Member
2:55–3:15p.m.           Construction- Banton Graham
3:15 – 4:00 p.m.                   Budget Discussion     Court recessed  at 3:29 p.m. Motion made by Commissioner Williams, 2nded by Commissioner Birchum.
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